How To Prevent Drug Abuse – Not Easy But Possible

How To Prevent Drug Abuse – Not Easy But Possible

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Are you looking for ways or solutions to prevent drug abuse?


Then stay tuned, because this post will show you some strategies you can use for yourself or for someone else.


The first question that comes to my mind is, what’s the reason why you or someone else is consuming?


I totally get it. People have a prone to do forbidden things (I am pretty sure you are familiar with Eve’s apple story..).



It’s something that’s giving you a kick, pushes your adrenaline, pushes your dopamine.


The problem starts if you or someone else can’t live without the kicks.


Every drug abuse starts with „normal“ use, but at a certain point, the drug gets abused to crush a bad feeling and/or to gain pleasure.


And that’s a critical point, because the receptors will adjust and tolerance will establish. Meaning this is the ticket to drug addiction.


So what are you or other people are trying to fill with drugs they don’t get in „real“ life?


P.S. If it’s already a drug addiction then read my post here to find out how to beat it.

Drugs are giving you or people in general a way to escape from reality.


Running away from problems.


Getting a temporary good feeling and destroying bad ones.


And you and other people have (in their eyes) extremely good reasons for their consumption.


So how to prevent drug abuse?




Strategies For Yourself


If you are looking for the answer for yourself, then I would highly recommend finding out your triggers.


And the best way to start with is using why questions.


Tip: Do what children do when they want to find out more about something – they typically bomb you with why questions.


Another way find out the reason is analyzing the last situation you were consuming.

  • What feeling did you have (before/after)?
  • What did you want to achieve?
  • Where did you consume?
  • Did you consume alone or with other people?

Now, if have found the reason why you are consuming, and you are willing to change your behaviour the best way is consulting your doctor.


He will tell you appropriate forms of therapy, maybe some medication, but in essence he/she will put you in the right direction.


But please be aware this can be a long process and YOU have to do the hard work.


Don’t completely rely on external help.

Strategies For Helping Others


If you are looking for ways to help others, then you need to talk to them, but no sugar coating.


Practice active listening. Watch their body language. Be there for them. Understand what they are going through.


Ask them what happened to them instead of what’s wrong with them.


Assuming alone won’t do the trick. You have no idea what’s going on in their mind.



And people have a great talent to hide problems or swalloing them without treating them.


But accept rejection, denial. This simply tells the person isn’t ready yet to accept the problem.


Drug abuse is inner despair, because you aren’t able to solve life’s problems.


And there’s a massive problem inside if you are abusing drugs.


If you are a parent, you also have to look at your own action(s).


If kids don’t get what they deserve from their parents, they will find a way to get what they want.

So in general, if you or someone is abusing drugs there is a huge problem in their or your life.


If you are wiling to change your life you have the starting point, if not you need your life changing event.


And the principle of causaulity simply tells you always have a cause for an effect.


Without solving the cause the drug abuse won’t go away. Period.

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