How To Motivate Yourself When Depressed

How To Motivate Yourself When Depressed

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You’ve felt guilty about being lazy for as long as you can remember. It takes you a lot to get going on any task, more so, if it triggers some of your issues. It’s a combination of fear and inertia..

Can you relate?

If so, then how to get motivated when depressed? 

This is what I do – watch the video below

If you prefer to read, here’s the transcript:


How to motivate yourself when you’re depressed?

That’s the question I’m talking about in this video.

My name is Michael and I had a severe depression four years ago.

Luckily I survived it. Otherwise it would I wouldn’t be sitting here and I want to give you my experience my information.

I Yeah I have experienced myself and it’s definitely not easy to motivate yourself when you’re depressed.

But… I would, yeah.. I’m asking you right now so.. what are you depressed about?

What’s the situation, what’s the, the event, the problem you’re right now currently facing? What’s, what’s the problem?

And is the problem you’re thinking about, you are you’re stuck with, is it something you can control or you can’t control?

What I mean by that is.. that’s the system I use every single day and it works so well for me.

And it goes like.. I’m really asking the question myself if I face a problem.

Can I control the problem or I can not control the problem?

If I can’t control the problem or the effort is so fucking damn high, then I accept the crap, because if I put so much effort, so much time in it it might work.

Then as I say to myself, okay I accept crap and I move on. Period. Done.

And if I can do something about it the problem then I do fucking something and even it’s a little bit, but I do it right now.

Not tomorrow not next week. Right now, because I did it for so long. I procrastinated and I tried to avoid the problem, get a tunnel vision not looking at the problem; always looking[…] yeah. Not again, not direct to the problem not facing it. Ignoring it.

And guess what. I got it back and it was a big impact. And if you don’t solve your problem life will solve your problem and probably you won’t like it the way you get it and it’s much more difficult if you’re depressed because you’re stucking in your negative thoughts.

If you are addicted and you aren’t aware of being addicted, because you’re trying to get your methadone because you you can’t have your heroin.

And yeah that’s a big big problem.

But again if I can give you my suggestion on how to motivate yourself is again this way.

Ask yourself two questions.

Can you control the situation. Yes or no?

And if you’re depressed. hm..

What I can give you as an extra tip is to.. do a little exercise. You can draw a circle.

Grab a pen and a paper, draw a circle and write everything you have, you currently have in the circle and once you’re done once you’re finished, write everything you would like to have outside the circle.

Outside the circle is out of your comfort zone. It’s a boring cliché but again it’s everything outside the circle is something you would like to have but you don’t have because you’re almost all the time in your comfort zone.

And what you could do them is to you pick one thing.

Like for instance you wanna to lose weight and you want to lose weight for instance five kilograms in the next eight weeks. And you might thinking about um starting with push ups for instance.

And what you could do is you start with one fucking push up every single day and you might laugh.

Okay that’s too easy but I ask you what I would say OK, we do now 30 pushups a day. Would you still laugh, if you’re just starting out? If you’re overweight? hmm.

So the trick doing this is to break the goal into so tiny steps that it’s almost too easy but not too hard and simply something in between.

And that way it’s easier for you to achieve because it’s pushing even not too big out of your comfort zone but a little bit.

Yeah that’s one way you can do it.

And on the other hand […]

Another example would be you’re trying to eat less. Let’s say you’re eating 10 doughnuts a day.

And what you could do is..; okay I’m eating nine doughnuts a day for a week or so and then it would decrease it by one then eight doughnuts.

Again one week if it’s[…]

I’m not the person who can cut one thing from one day to another or from one minute to another it’s I’m not the kind of person.

So, it might work for you, but won’t work for me.

And yeah […] but in essence that’s the way you can handle a situation.

Pick one goal, pick something that you want to achieve but divide it into tiny tiny steps, small fractions and do it constantly, do it every single day.

And again, if it’s only one fucking push up It’s a bit easier than 30 pushups a day. If you are just starting out.

And yeah one thing I want to say is complaining wouldn’t make a difference. And I did it myself […]didn’t make a difference.

And you can complain of course, but if you don’t take any action then don’t expect a miracle to happen.

Only thinking about a situation won’t make a difference at all. If you don’t take any action at all.

Yeah that’s it for now. If you have any questions let me in the comments, and especially I’m really interested in what’s stopping you? What’s, .. what are you stuck with?

Put in the comments. I’m really interested and I really hope you got your question answered on how to motivate yourself when you’re depressed. If you liked this video, give me like, subscribe to my channel and yeah take care, bye. .

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