The Top 4 Benefits Of Being Drug Free – Stop Being A Slave

This post will show you the top 4 benefits of being drug free and I hope you can feel why it's so much better to be no longer a slave to substances.


Quitting drugs is hardly imaginable when you are doing drugs. You usuallly don't waste a tiny second about quitting.


The problem with addictive drugs is when you can quit, you dont want to & and when you want to, you can't.


That is addiction in a nutshell.


If you can relate then read on because I will show you why living without drugs is anything but miserable.


Let's get started:-)


P.S. If you need help getting drug free check out my post here. 

Areas Your Life Will Improve On




In general your life will get better in the following aspects:


  1. Relationships
  2. Physical & Mental Health
  3. Finances
  4. Personal Development

You Won't Be A Jerk Anymore

Let's face it.


As long as you are an addict you are only thinking about your consumption. Your next score. Period.


Being a chronic liar, having this tunnel vision, doing molly a week in a row, smoking pot on acid, those are things that destroys relationships.


But what happens if you stop doing drugs? Guess what, you'll have a chance of closer relationships.


You want to go out and socialise more and not wanting to be alone all the time.


There's a high chance you'll have real friends, not just people who uses. You will also have the chance to get a better relationship with your family.


In general better connections with other.


Better relationships as a result when you are stop doing drugs

More Moolah

You will likely bankrupt yourself if you can't stop spending thousands of thousand of dollars per year.


Having more money in an account leads to better sleep:)


And you are able to spend money on cool shit instead of drugs.


You simply have so much more possibilites like investing in yourself. Making yourself stronger.


Investing in a new hobby or in something you stopped because of your addiction.


How would that make you feel?


the feeling you have when you have money left because you quit your substance abuse

Brain Rewiring

This is something that won't happen over night but in the long run, but your mental illness is able to recover.


Have a look at this article by National Institutes of Health. 


Anyway, from my experience you are no longer worrying about where or when you'll be getting your next dose. 


And will have more even moods and better concentration. 


Having no guilty conscience is also a great relief as well as no more blacking out. 


It really feels like real freedom, because you are no longer bound in chains.


Your sleep routine / pattern will get better and you have a clearer train of thought.


Still keen on doing drugs? 🙂


a man thinking about if he should still taking drugs



Here are some more benefits of being drug free.

  • Your memory gets better and your mood and emotions stabilize
  • You are able to eat every day and you are comfortable in your own skin
  • You are waking up comfortable and able to stay in bed without having to jolt up in pain
  • You won't be soaked in sweat and feel real emotions again
  • You will have clearer eyes and actually feel less pain chronically


Overall you will be healthier and happier.

You Are No Longer Torturing Your Soul

Non-stop drug consumption will fry your receptors and they take a long time to recover.


However this won't stop your personal development, IF you have really made the decision in your mind to never touch any drugs again.


Let's have some examples how you personally will make progress:


  • You are more patient in the face of frustrating situations
  • You will be wittier
  • You won't live with a secret
  • You are not stressing out about being caught
  • You get your sense of humor and sense of adventure back
  • You won't have to wake up and worry about if you have drugs or not
  • You won't get the sweats, the shits
  • You can just go to bed and wake up with no worry, preparation, etc.
  • You feel such gratitude for the freedom
  • You will realize that you actually like yourself
  • You can feel pride in some of your accomplishments
  • You will relish being an emotional creature


shocked by advantages you have when you are no longer addicted to drugs

What I personally like is you really have changes in perspective and you are not putting your life at risk every day.


You will feel you actually have a soul again and you can finally start rebuilding your life.

And it doesn't matter if no substance is involved when you are spending time with friends.


Imagine you feel more pride in your accomplishments because you know they're coming from you, not a drug-fueled motivation.


How would that make you feel?

There are so many benefits of being drug free like theses ones:


  • You are more in touch with spirituality and you are more creative
  • You have less mangled intelligence
  • You have nothing to hide or lie to loved ones
  • You are not feeling incredibly desperate every single day
  • You are not breaking the law anymore.
  • You are more productive in months than you had been in years
  • You are able to pass a drug test and hold a job
  • You are not in abusive relationships to obtain drugs
  • You are not constantly being paranoid about someone discovering your habit

Are you familiar with having to manage physical dependence to a drug when you wan't to travel?




That simply sucks but will no longer exist if you don't do drugs anymore.


And you are finally working towards goals with real clarity of intention.


It's like reconnecting with your own humanty, call it spiritual awakening.


And you don't bail on plans, because you need to score (or want to as soon as you wake up).


I personally don't like terms like sober, clean, abstinent. To me, personally that has a negative touch.


the freedom of being drug free


I call it freedom because I am no longer bond in chains. I am no longer a slave to substances and I am in control - not vice versa.

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